An Introduction To The Experiment

4774.cc is an experiment in showing the world to others in different terms. Let's begin with my DNS name, 4774.cc. The developer's initials are Ag (silver) and W (tungsten). The atomic weights for both metals are 47 and 74. The website is created and maintained in Corpus Christi, Texas.

This website will contain various examples for customizing your Debian/Ubuntu Linux PC and Laptop to fit your needs. We will use the command line to configure our Linux systems and perform routine maintenance. We will also use a terminal based editor called VI, or VIM, so install it if you do not have it yet.

I began using Linux January, 2001, when I enrolled in TAMUCC with a computer programmer major. Back then Linux was going through a growth period where desktop graphical user interfaces and window managers competed against each other for users. I found the GNOME desktop easiest for me to use. Now I prefer the xfce (X-Force) desktop manager because it looks and behaves like a cross between GNOME and KDE, and provides services for both desktop managers. GNOME is in transition while package managers/developers work out a few bugs. Those of you who use tablets and “smart phones” for your computing needs, I say good luck. The Unity desktop was developed for your specific needs and should never have been forced upon the rest of us. Windows 8 was Microsoft's answer to the Unity desktop. We all know how well that was received.

As you progress through my tutorials on this website you will come to understand that it does not matter which Linux distribution, or desktop manager, you are using. Just use whatever is the most comfortable for you. In most cases, we will be working off the command line using a terminal.

Ready to get started? Let's go!

Linux And Security
Introduction to the BASH Shell
How To Install Linux
Install Linux On VirtualBox
Configure iptables with gufw
Configure iptables with bash